Tips for using our service.

1.) Your price is critical! Price your property correctly before you list. If you over-price your home you will get very little if any showing activity and you will lose marketing time. Rather than adding "cushion" to bargain with it is much smarter to list at the correct price and hold your ground. Note: During a declining market when prices are moving down your asking price should be 3 to 5% below the last comparable sale, otherwise the market may fall past you costing you more! Higher priced properties tend to need a higher percentage decrease to catch the downward movement of the market.

2.) Offer a buyer's agent a full 3% commission. Remember you are using a flat fee service and already have an almost 50% commission savings built-in. Offering less than 2.5% will bring substantial resistance from agents causing you to lose precious marketing time. Those offering less than 2% have little or no activity defeating the whole effort. By the same token offering over 3% isn't likely to increase your showing activity.

3.) Be available at all times. Use your cell phone or other number where you can be reached easily, your level of success is directly related to your availability.

4.) Keep your property as neat and clean as possible. First impressions can make or break a sale.

5.) If you have had five showings and no offers you most likely have overpriced your property. Refer back to rule #1... PRICE!

6.) Plan ahead! New listings normally take one business day to be entered into the MLS and can take longer if there are any problems we need to resolve. If you want your listing to be listed for the weekend have everything submitted by Thursday evening. This allows us time to have your listing posted by Friday.

7.) Have your photos ready! Before you begin have your .JPEG or .JPG photo(s) ready to send. Avoid using camera vertical shots because many MLS systems will distort them into horizontal format.

Preparing your photo(s):

Reduce your photo file size to send in an email. 1.) open your .JPG file in "Windows Paint" found in your accessories menu 2.) select the "Image" menu and then "Stretch/Skew; reduce the length AND width of the photo by 50% until the image is no more than 5"x5" on the screen 3.) save the file. Make sure you take regular horizontal photos as camera vertical photos are often distorted into horizontal format by MSL systems. Send your photos to


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When is the best time to sell my home?
How do I find a home?
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Where can I get a loan? what if I'm a first time buyer?
should i try fsbo. I need help selling my home how do I sell my home for less commission? It fsbo (for sale by owner) a good option? I live in Washington and I want to sell does homeworks real estate serve Washington WA?
I live in California and I want to sell does homeworks real estate serve California CA? So if I planning on selling my home what is the fastest way? Can realtor help or do I even need an agent? How do i list my home in mls? Can i list my home for sale on the internet? Yes you can list on the internet with homeworks real estate. I need to sell my home fast, what is the best answer? How do I choose a realtor and should I use a realtor? Homeworks can help with all these questions. Homeworksre is a flat fee real estate broker and helps you sell your home for less. RE/MAX, Century 2, John L. Scott and others, are full commission brokers in most cases. Homeworks Real Estate Inc. is a flat fee listing service and discount broker referral service. We alway attempt to find the best discount for you when you sell your home out of our area.