What is your home worth? Before you list your home you should have
determined the best price. NEVER OVERPRICE YOUR HOME!
Overpricing will most often result in NO OFFERS, while underpricing
can cause you to leave money on the table.
One way to determine your home's value is by checking comparable sales.
This is the method most often used by agents. Most agents are very honest,
and will give you reliable information. However, you should always check
this information yourself.
HomeWorks Real Estate Inc. has provided the following links to help you
correctly price your home. Seek the most recent sales to make your comparison.

Zillow.com provides free comparable sales data.  

Also, see Seller's FAQ  for more information on setting the price of your home.


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Many people just use a Realtor and end up paying much more when they sell their home. Don't just say "sell my home" or you won't get a commission